Mission CISD has purchased a limited benefit accident insurance policy that covers all student / athletes while participating in UIL Athletic activities.

The accident insurance coverage is "secondary" meaning it is designed to pay those expenses not paid or payable by any other insurance. Therefore you will be required to file first with your personal insurance.

This is a limited plan. It will not pay 100% of the bills. It is coordinated with any personal coverage you may have. Your personal insurance is the primary carrier and the school athletic insurance is the secondary carrier unless you have Medicaid or CHIPS - then the school insurance becomes primary.

Any bills not paid by your personal carrier or the school insurance will be the responsibility of the Parent / Guardian & the student / athlete. MISSION CISD OR ITS EMPLOYEES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT OF ANY SAID MEDICAL BILLS.

Parents must notify the Mission Athletic Trainers prior to a non emergency athletic injury doctors visit or the Mission CISD athletic insurance benefits may be forfeited.

A completed copy of the athletic insurance form and all physicians' notes / instructions need to be turned into the Mission Athletic Trainers after each physician's office visit.

Mission CISD Student Athletic Accident Benefits for 2019 - 2020 is underwritten by Student Assurance Services, Inc from Stillwater, Minnesota SAS , & provided by The Brokerage Store, Inc. out of San Antonio, Texas.  The Brokerage Store Inc.   Their local representative is Mr. Albert Salinas of Texas Insurance Service Center Inc. located in Harlingen, Texas.  Mr. Salinas office number is (956) 423 - 0490.    Texas Insurance Service Center  
Student Assurance Services, Inc. has contracted for fee discounts for services received from physicians and facilities participating in the Lonestar network which is part of the USA Managed Care Organization Network (USAMCO). Please note that benefits are payable as described whether you use a Lonestar preferred provider or not.  The Lonestar Network providers have agreed to accept Benefit(s) as payment in FULL when no other insurance is available. A search for these providers may be found on the Lonestar Athletic Network  website.