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Mission Statement

  • Campus Mission and Vision Statements
    Mission Statement:
    Mission CISD ensures a quality and equitable education for our community of learners by providing the necessary academic, social, physical, and technological knowledge and skills to become successful lifelong learners and productive citizens.
    Vision Statement:
    MISSION HIGH SCHOOL will prepare and inspire all students to be equipped to excel in the college and career of their choice, dominate 21st century skills in leadership, knowledge, language, and technology to compete in a global economy and serve as successful citizens in their community
    Collective Commitments
    We believe that we have the duty to foster opportunities for each student to build a legacy of success.
    We, therefore, collectively commit to:

    Putting students first and inspiring innovation

    Taking ownership of a collaborative, educational partnership through student, parent, and civic engagement

    Understanding cultural diversity with the ability to relate effectively amidst varied cultures within a global economy

    Learning professionally for continuous improvement