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MHS Counseling Staff Directory

Mission High School Counseling Center 
(956) 323-5771
Mission High School Staff Directory
Staff Member Alpha/Department Contact Information
Claudia Alonzo At-Risk and Lead Counselor [email protected]
Priscilla Betancourt Alpha: A-Da [email protected]
Liz Acosta Alpha: De-Gua [email protected]
Aida Zavala Alpha: Guerra- Montoya [email protected]
Elizabeth Carranza Alpha: Mora-Rocha [email protected]
Thelma Reyes Alpha: Rodriguez- Z [email protected]
Katherine Deanda CTE Counselor [email protected]
Ruby Madrigal At-Risk Counselor [email protected]
Maria Barrera College & Career Counselor [email protected] 
Selene Villarreal TPAP Counselor [email protected]
Mark Garza LPC [email protected]
Nenci Garcia  LPC [email protected]
Elva Borrego Counselor Secretary [email protected]
Karina Garcia Counselor Secretary [email protected]
Cristina Guerra CTE Counselor Secretary [email protected]