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Contact Information

Google Voice Phone Number: provided in my Google Classroom
Best time to Contact: Monday- Friday 8 a.m. -4:15 p.m.
If you have questions after hours, you can email me or text me. Then, I will get back to you as soon as possible or the next business day.
Important Classroom Information
Students need to log in using their email. I will not accept any other email in order to protect the privacy of our students. 
Los estudiantes deben iniciar sesión usando su correo electrónico @ No aceptaré ningún otro correo electrónico para proteger la privacidad de nuestros estudiantes.
All announcements and instructions will be posted here and on Google Classroom.
Todos los anuncios e instrucciones se publicarán aquí y en Google Classroom.
For privacy issues, I have sent out emails with Google Classroom codes. If you have not received an email, please email me and I can get back to you.
I will also be providing Remind Codes soon, so parents and students can reach me easily. 
Por cuestiones de privacidad, he enviado correos electrónicos con códigos de Google Classroom. Si no ha recibido un correo electrónico, envíeme un correo electrónico y me pondré en contacto con usted.

También proporcionaré códigos recordatorios pronto, para que los padres y estudiantes puedan comunicarse conmigo fácilmente.

Meet the Teacher Link

The following link is the "Meet the Teacher" classroom expectations in case you missed it. The link will only be available with a school account. Thank you.