MHS Folklorico... Best of the Best!

The team competed at La Feria De South Texas College held in McAllen, San Antonio National Folklorico/Contemporary Dance Competition held at San Antonio, and Competencia Folklorica De Tejas held at Corpus Christi.  Overall the team received a total of 13 trophies: six first place and five third place trophies.  Two of the trophies were received for the Best of the Best in the duet category in San Antonio and the ensemble category in Corpus Christi. The couple that received this honor consists of Reynaldo Moreno and Esmeralda Esmerado. The ensemble that received this honor consists of Esmeralda Esmerado, Alyssa Canizalez, Silvia Gonzalez, Valerie Barreiro, Lesly Garza, and Angela Salazar. Other members who participated in these competitions were Josue Gutierrez and Raul Gracia.  One last honor was received by Mrs. Vanessa Ojeda, director of the MCISD Folklorico team.  Mrs. Ojeda was chosen as the Director of the Year at the Competencia Folklorica De Tejas. 

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