Mission High School

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2015 Homecoming Hallway Spirit Decorating Contest


The purpose of this contest is to support and encourage MHS spirit during Homecoming Week (September 28-October 2). We want MHS students to express their inner creativity and collaborate amongst one another in this event.


The class sponsors for each grade level should coordinate the involvement for each hall. Prior to any decorating, contact should be made with Josie Flores to ensure proper promotion of school spirit.


The following hallways will be decorated by:


Seniors - M bldg.

Juniors - A bldg.

Sophomores - B bldg.

Freshmen - J bldg.


The theme for this year’s homecoming is “Pink out to beat the Huskies.” We highly encourage classes to use this theme while decorating halls, and do not hesitate to use our school colors.



Set up will be on Thursday, October 1 between 4:30-5:30 PM. All decorations wishing to be judged should be in place before this time. Posters may be made prior to decorating contest.

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