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High Flyers compete in San Antonio.

The following are the results of the Showmakers of America Alamo city competition that the High Flyers attended February 27-28, 2015 in San Antonio.

Aby Abrego and Joselly Coronado 3rd place Division 1 Duet category
Aryssa Castillo and Andrea Gonzalez division 1 duet category
Kimmy Villarreal and Crystal Hernandez division 1 duet category
Marie Cuellar and Irma Cuellar division 1 duet category

Abrego, Coronado, and Marie Cuellar 3rd place Division 1 Small Ensemble Category

The following team members received a division 1 rating for their solo entries: Natalia Nevarez, Julie Garcia, Meylin Banuelos, Aryssa Castillo, Amy Becho, Anahi Barajas, Rosa Gonzalez, Crystal Hernandez, Marie Cuellar, Jacinda Chavez, and Julissa Alvarez
Belia Reyes received a division 2 rating for her solo.

In the officer division Hernandez, Garcia, Barajas, Gonzalez, and Anjelica Garcia received the following awards:
Sweepstakes Division 1, Showmanship award in the Hip Hop and Contemporary categories, 3rd place in the Jazz category medium team, 3rd place in the Contemporary category medium team, and Best in Class Medium team 3rd place

The team received the following awards: Sweepstakes Division 1, Showmanship in the pom, open(Flamenco), and hip hop categories, Best in Category medium team 3rd place for the pom performance, Runner up in the medium team Hip hop category, and Best in Class medium team 3rd place.

Pictured Left to right bottom: Marie Cuellar, Anjelica Garcia, Rosa Gonzalez, Crystal Hernandez, Anahi Barajas, Julie Garcia, Joselly Coronado, and Aby Abrego
2nd row: Claire Gomez, Natalia Nevarez, Kimmy Villarreal, Andrea Gonzalez, Meylin Bañuelos, Alyssa Rodriguez, Belia Reyes, Amy Becho, Aryssa Castillo, and Bethney Ramirez
Back row: Ashley Flores, Jannelle Carr, Jacinda Chavez, Irma Cuellar, Kimberly Chapa, Jackielyn Adame, and Kimberly Martinez

The High Flyers are proudly  Directed by Josie Flores and Oneida Saenz.
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