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UIL Academics Donna North

The Computer Applications Team took 1st place team with Iliana Pimental taking 1st place, Sarah Lopez taking 4th place, and Jasmin Vega taking 8th place. In Ready Writing, Ashley Bennett took 3rd place honors. In Literary Criticism, Ashley Bennett took 7th place and Naara Morales took 9th place.

In Accounting, Angel Gomez took 1st place and Javier Nevarez took 3rd place in veteran division. In novice division, Marco silva took 4th place, Enrique Pina took 6th place and Dan Haung took 7th place. In Science, Ashley Bennett took 9th place.

In Informative Speaking, Maxine Rodriguez took 5th place and Jay Cordoba took 6th place. In CX Debate, the team of Briyseda Barrera and Jay Cordova took 6th place. In LD Debate, Violet Rivera took 1st place.

In Calculators, the team took 1st place team with Luis Gonzalez placing 2nd in 12th grade division; in 11th grade division, Ricardo Yruegas took 2nd place and in 10th grade division, Edgar Garza took 1st place, Kimberly Ramon took 3rd place, and Samantha Alaniz 6th place. Alyssa Garza placed 2nd in 9th grade division.

In Number Sense – 12th grade division, Luis Gonzalez took 8th place and Andres Escobedo took 9th place. In 10th grade division, Edgar Garza took 2nd place and Antonio Mendez took 4th place in 9th grade division. In Mathematics, Luis Gonzalez took 4th place, Jin Gao took 7th place and Katherine McKenna took 11th place.

In Current Issues and Events, Violet Rivera took 5th place and Eri Longoria took 7th place.

At the time of departure, Journalism results were still not complete, so we will have additions to this winners list.

Congratulations to all the students who competed and their coaches.
Lee Trevino, Jr
UIL Academics Coordinator
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