Mission High School

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Theater Policies

1. Food or drink may not be brought into the auditorium or anywhere in the Theatre areas.

2. Jumping on or off the stage is unacceptable.

3. Horseplay or improper use of tools and equipment is not permitted.

4. Only trained and approved personnel are permitted to operate the light and sound boards.

5. All furniture and scenery must be carried or rolled on the painted stage floor; no dragging or sliding. All furniture must be put in the proper place at the end of rehearsal or performance.

6. Nothing can be pinned or clamped to the front of the curtains.

7. The fronts of the red and black velour curtains are not to be touched by human skin. These curtains should only be handled by the back of the curtain.

8. The walk-along curtain lines (black curtains on the sides and across the stage that are to be pulled into position by hand) should only be handled by the back of the curtain and must be checked for obstructions at the stage level and at the track level.

9. The traveler lines are the curtains that open and close left and right across the stage by pulling of a rope. These curtains should only be operated after the curtain is clear of obstructions.

10. All microphones and headsets must be properly put up in the designated area at the end of each rehearsal and performance.
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