Mission High School DECA Chapter achieves the DECA CHAPTER THRIVE LEVEL.

 We were recognized for our outstanding work on our:

  1. National Membership Campaign
  2. Promotional Campaign
  3. Community Service Campaign

We have 4 members who qualify to attend the DECA Nationals in Nashville, TN on April 29 – May 2, 2020:

  1. Rochelle Saenz, Chapter Officer
  2. Joana Juarez, Chapter Officer
  3. Emily Gonzalez, Chapter Officer
  4. Robert Ramirez III, Chapter Officer

PICTURE-DECA State 2020 Awards

PICTURE-DECA State 2020-MHS Competitors:

Back row from left to right:  Robert Ramirez III, Chapter Officer; Lisa Montez, Chapter Member; Rochelle Saenz, Chapter Officer; Mikayla Trevino, Chapter Member

Front row from left to right: Marissa Sandoval, Chapter Member; Emily Gonzalez, Chapter Officer; Kimberly Chavez, Chapter Member; Joana Juarez, Chapter Officer


From left to right:  Rochelle Saenz, Chapter Officer; Joana Juarez, Chapter Officer; Emily Gonzalez, Chapter Officer; and Robert Ramirez III, Chapter Officer

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