MHS Swimming: 1st place in both Girls and Boys Varsity Divisions

200 Medley Relay – 1st place: Hayley Garza, Jaquelyn Seledon, Carleigh Castillo, and Victoria Trevino
200 Individual Medley- 2nd place: Jaquelyn Seledon, 3rd place: Kassandra Garza
50 Freestyle – 1st place: Hayley Garza
Diving – 1st place: Angelina Garza
100 Butterfly – 1st place: Victoria Trevino, 2nd place: Carleigh Castillo
100 Freestyle – 2nd place: Victoria Trevino
500 Freestyle – 1st place: Hayley Garza, 2nd place: Jaquelyn Seledon
200 Freestyle Relay – 3rd Place: Samantha Gutierrez, Annika Pena, Kassandra Garza, Valeria Espinoza
100 Breaststroke – 1st place: Carleigh Castillo
400 Freestyle Relay – 1st Place: Victoria Trevino, Jaquelyn Seledon, Kassandra Garza, Hayley Garza
200 Freestyle – 2nd place: Hilario Guerra, 3rd place: Jorge Lopez
200 Individual Medley – 2nd place: Luis Sosa
100 Butterfly – 1st place: Robert Ramirez
500 Freestyle – 2nd place: Hilario Guerra, 3rd place: Luis Sosa
200 Freestyle – 1st place: Hilario Guerra, Jorge Lopez, Hector DeLeon, Robert Ramirez
100 Breaststroke – 3rd place: Gabriel Cordova
400 Freestyle Relay – 1st place: Hilario Guerra, Ramiro Borrego, Jorge Lopez, Robert Ramirez
2nd place: Hector DeLeon, Damian Rodriguez, Luis Sosa, David Rodriguez
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