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Here are the notes for the next section.  Please copy them into your journal for tomorrow so we can spend our entire class time discussing. 

1-2 Angle Measures and Angle Bisectors Notes

Students, for whatever reason, I am unable to upload the notes here.  I apologize for this.  Please visit Edmodo and get the notes there.  I have posted the group codes for each period.  I have also given you the link to creating a new edmodo account if you don't already have one.  

Please do copy the notes and be ready to go tomorrow.  

See you then.


Edmodo groups have been formed.  If you don't have an Edmodo account, use this address to set one up.  It's free.  Use the code below for your class and enter the requested information.  There is also an Edmodo app that gives you notifications when I post something new.  The following are the codes for each class:

1st:  d5q4ju

2nd:  y8ay7b

3rd:  mnvbm4

6th:  xdt9ch

7th:  j6rgcu

9th:  nwf6bj

If your parents need access to Edmodo, let me know.  I believe there is a parent code as well.


Thank you.

Mrs. Pinon

1.1 Segment Length and Midpoints HW #1

This is the first homework.  The due date will be Friday, August 27.  If this changes, I will let you know.  Answers will be posted Thursday so that you can check and correct your errors.  If you cannot find your error, come early Friday morning or ask within the first 5 minutes of class.


Welcome to Mrs. Pinon's web page.  You can continue to get class information through Edmodo, but this will be an alternate site that you can visit.